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  • Spiritual Warrior Camp IV

    Spiritual Warrior Camp IV

    Another edition of the Spiritual Warrior Camp and with it the formation of a new team of spiritual warriors, by the end of summer at Ananda Kalyani Master Unit. These days were again full of adventure activities, challenge, fun in teams and healthy lifestyle, which contributed to the development of …
  • Tour light and shadows

    Tour light and shadows

    It was during the full moon of July that the first night hike was organized by Team Ananda Kalyani. Already the moon was high when we left the Ananda Cafe and headed toward the Poço do Inferno in Serra da Estrela (Manteigas) where we started the trail. We shared in …
  • Aromas Tour

    Aromas Tour

    With the aromas tour in the Master Unit Ananda Kalyani, was the right occasion to take care of body, mind and spirit! In a sharing ambience with nature and friends, we started the morning with an outdoor (about 2 hours and 30 minutes) walk, around the MU. Between mountains, hills …
  • A volunteer experience from Porto

    A volunteer experience from Porto

    “Namaskar! Do you know that feeling when 2 weeks seems like a month or more? Do you know when your life won’t be the same anymore as you return back “home“? Did you ever felt that “seeds” were planted in you and you can’t just return home and be that …
  • New Year´s 2016 Retreat

    New Year´s 2016 Retreat

    Busy with everything around us, there are many impulses and incentives that assail us every day, so we need to stop and dive into ourselves. Another year passes, it’s time to make a retrospective, introspection and review of all the events that have transformed us. The New Year’s Retreat of Yoga and …

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Spring Retreat in Sintra (Lisbon) – 24th March

24 March 2016 – 29 March 2016

This year’s Spring Retreat – The Bloom of Lotus – will be held in Sintra, Lisboa. Our team will be present there also helping and participating in the activities. Join us for a lot of fun & inspiration!